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Hi, I’m Chef Frank.

I help people who are struggling with weight or simply want to improve their diet by adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle to achieve ultimate health and weight loss.

Let me show you how to eat, cook, and live like a vegan chef and never have to diet again.

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Learn the 10 steps to a thriving whole food plant-based lifestyle based on my own experience making this radical dietary change while working as a professional chef.

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Cooking with Chef Frank

Join me every Thursday at 1 pm on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, where I cook a three course menu in 30 minutes or less (hopefully... šŸ˜Š) Sign up below to be notified when Chef Frank goes live. 

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Chef Frank Kraemer is the award-winning culinary genius behind Eat Like A Vegan Chef, a vegan-inspired movement that advocates for better health and sustainable living through a simple holistic plant-based lifestyle.

A former Executive Chef at the Hilton and Best NY Hotel Chef of the Year by the America Tasting Institute, Chef Frank’s Pan-Asian recipes have been included in the Best 100 Restaurant Menus in NYC.

In 2018, he cooked for two-time middleweight world champion Daniel Jacobs for his middleweight world championship bout against Canelo Álvarez. For three months, Chef Frank prepared plant-based breakfast, lunch, and dinner that was fit for a champion and professional boxer.

Chef Frank has also cooked for German cruiserweight world champion Marco Huck, the only champion to have defended his title 13 consecutive times.

With a colorful culinary career spanning more than 30 years, Chef Frank has cooked for celebrities and VIPs as well, including Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Star Jones, the Japanese Princess, and more.


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What People Are Saying About Eat Like A Vegan Chef...

"THANK YOU!!! Frank! I have cleaned up my pantry and follow your advice of the eight foods to eat daily. You make it so simple to understand eating plant-based. Feeling great!!"

~ Lilly Von Der Erftquelle

"Six months ago, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My doctor told me if I continue my lifestyle, I could have a heart attack.  (I am a chef and I love good food). I was devastated. Then I heard about Chef Frank and his “Eat Like a Vegan Chef” course. I can truly say his plant-based lifestyle approach has saved my life. I have lost over 40lbs and feel better than ever before. Even my kids have adapted my lifestyle. Thank you, Chef Frank!!"

~ Victor Jurado

 lived in NYC for 2 months. Being a Vegan is hard traveling but Chef made it easier for me. He cooked for me everyday

~ Fareed Abdul-Samad

OMG, This Challenge has been truly One-of-a-Kind! 
1st, it’s the only Weight-Loss or Healthy way of eating Challenge I’ve ever Completed!!!! 
As I look back at the other programs, what was missing was an Honest, Open and Caring Instructor. Someone that Truly wants you to succeed and has Real Bonafide Cooking Credentials and who is willing to share.

I'm having an incredible experience learning from Chef Frank about healthy eating and delicious food!

I am forever grateful to him for all of the tools and skills he has taught! Thank you, Chef Frank, from the bottom of my heart!

Wow, this has been an amazing journey. I don't know how I found Chef, but I am so glad I did. Here a few takeaways for me:

1) I've cooked and eaten things I had never heard of.
2) I've gained a few new friends and lost a few pounds.
3) I have an awesome, amazing, caring, patient, know what he's doing Chef that is with me for life.
5) I now know how to eat like a vegan chef

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You Too Can Eat, Cook, And Live Like A Vegan Chef

Do you have a desire to live a healthy lifestyle? Do you feel bombarded with questionable nutritional information through the media and suspect these may or may not be as healthy as advertised?

If you’ve been going from one diet to another, losing 10lbs here but gaining 12lbs back, feeling frustrated because you’re not getting proper results, I invite you to join the Eat Like a Vegan Chef Experience, a membership exclusively for people who want to transition to a whole food plant based lifestyle. 

This is my promise to you: you, too, can eat, cook and live like a vegan chef!