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Stage 1- The 7 Day Challenge

A quick overview of things to consider before you start a holistic plant-based lifestyle. This challenge is for most people an eye-opener and the basis where awesomeness starts. You’ll walk away with a clearer understanding of our eating culture and the impact of plant-based food & sustainability in our lives.

Module1 - The Basics

A quick overview of things to consider before you start a plant-based diet. If you’ve ever wondered how we came to eat the food we do today, this module has the answer. You’ll walk away with a clearer understanding of our eating culture and the impact of plant-based food & sustainability in our lives.

Stage 2 - The Discovery

The next step is when you join Eat Like a Vegan Chef membership. The next few weeks start you off with the basics. People fail to continue dieting, or to transition completely into becoming a holistic vegan because they simply haven’t figured out their "WHY". This stage will help you figure out your "why" so it’s strong enough for you to put in the effort. You’ll learn how this “WHY” is closely connected to your habits and your success as a holistic vegan.

Stage 3 - The Opportunity

One of the reasons many people fail to transition to a holistic plant-based lifestyle is, because they don't have someone to coach them week by week on how to master their cooking skills, how to batch cook, how to utilize the same ingredients in hundreds of different recipes and how to plan week by week.

Every week I will give you a meal plan, a shopping list, and the recipes needed to get you through the week. I offer weekly cooking classes and I have a live stream multiple times per week to answer all your question.

Module 3 - The Nutrients

One of the most common myths about vegans is that they don't get enough protein and vitamins. This is why some people think vegans are weak. This module turns that myth on its head by going over macro and micronutrients, plant-based protein, carbs, and fats.

Stage 4 - The Transition

By now, you are almost proficient when it comes to a holistic plant-based lifestyle.

You are having fun creating your own meals. This is your opportunity to stay the course and be the happiest version of yourself. But don't worry, you are not alone in this journey. We have a private Facebook group where you'll get all the support you need to succeed in your transition. 

Stage 5 - Mastering this Lifestyle

Like young birds learn to fly, you have perfected the art of flying in the sense that you are now a pro in a SOAPA free Lifestyle. At this time you are expanding your knowledge in other areas such as plant-based baking, desserts, herbs, and teas. Ethnic cooking techniques, exercise, and meditation just to name a few. By now you have achieved all your weight loss goals and feeling happy and healthy. But don't take my word for it. Chek out the reviews from our members

You can make the choice to eat, cook, and live healthier or stay where you are, eating what you eat, knowing full well of the dangers.

You decide what’s more important.

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Who Is The "Eat Like A Vegan Chef Experience" For?

Eat Like A Vegan Chef is perfect for people who...

want to lose weight and keep it off (they can finally stop counting calories!)

want to become healthier to live longer and see their grandchildren grow up (many recent studies have shown that a whole food plant-based diet can prevent many chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's, heart disease, and diabetes)

simply don't know how to go vegan (maybe because they are bombarded with food commercials, have no idea about nutrition, or they believe a plant-based diet is boring and too expensive)

have gone from one diet to another only to quit (they started a diet, a course or a book and discontinued after some time because the eating habits didn’t stick)

You Don’t Need Culinary Training
To Go Vegan

If you think this is just another “Diet Fad” like the latest dieting trends, think again…

I know that all diets work in the beginning. That's a fact.

Unfortunately, most diets shock the body first, which accelerates weight loss. However, within weeks after starting, the weight loss plateaus and people get discouraged to continue.

The Eat Like A Vegan Chef Experience is different. Yes, your body might get shocked at first by withdrawing from the SOAPA Ingredients, but if you knew how to...


  • Discover first
  • Than you Adapt
  • You learn to create & cook
  • Then you master the Eat Like a Vegan Experience. 
  • With a community that helps you every day on your journey.

Then, my friend, I’m confident you’ll transition successfully and never look back!

You just need a community of support and a concept of simple but effective affordable live group coaching sessions, meal plans, recipes, Q&A's and cooking classes, that would show you how to transition to a SOAPA free lifestyle.

Don’t stop now.

Do you really want to keep spending your money on diets that may or may not work?

Do you want your medical conditions to worsen?

Are you going to give up on yourself and maybe even get sick?


Chef Frank Kraemer

Eat Like A Vegan Chef

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What They're Saying About
Eat Like A Vegan Chef...

This Isn’t The Typical “Hard To Follow” Veganism Meal Plan. It's Rather A Community of Like Minded Individuals Supporting Each Other in a Way You Have Never Seen It.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Eat Like A Vegan Chef based on science?
    Yes, there are currently enough studies published that prove that a whole foods plant-based lifestyle is the healthiest approach to live healthily and may even reverse chronic diseases. A positive side effect is weight loss.
  • Is becoming a vegan really easier now than ever before?
    Yes, it’s now easier than ever. In fact, a plant-based lifestyle is cheaper than any other diet out there.
  • I am an athlete and need my treat. Will this work for me?
    Yes, it will and I understand your concern. I have cooked for professional athletes. Recently, I was hired to cook for two-time middleweight world champion Daniel Jacobs and his vegan trainer Fareed Abul-Samad during the former’s middleweight world championship-bout against Canelo Álvarez. For three months, I prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner while keeping in mind the grueling workouts of Daniel. I prepared food that was substantial in protein, carbs, fat, and calories, proving that a plant-based diet is good enough for a professional boxer.

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