12 Reasons you should learn more about a healthy diet:

eat like a vegan chef experience membership Aug 03, 2020

As a chef, I always get the same questions asked: What should I eat to lose weight, and what foods should I incorporate in a healthy diet?

I would then ask what they had done to lose weight, and the answers varied from calorie-restricted diets and fasts to hunger-suppressant pills and teas. They would later admit that this has been going on for years.

The problem was that these solutions never worked for them.

If you know me, you know that I’m an opponent of any calorie-restricted diet. They only work for a few. However, they work fantastic in the short term only to gain all the pounds back.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, I don’t have much to offer you. If you’re in it for the long haul - which means transitioning to a holistic plant-based lifestyle that lets you lose weight and make you feel better than ever before - read on.

If your weight has been an issue for a long time, you have likely tried various diets, bought many books, perhaps attended weight loss programs and bought many of their frozen foods, counted calories, fasted and starving yourself in the hope of losing weight.

Perhaps you worked out 2-3 days a week and lost 7 pounds the first two weeks, but gained back 10 pounds, while your friend lost 10.

Perhaps things worked for a while, and then they stopped. Either because you could no longer sustain it by counting calories, or you hate feeling deprived and micromanaging your food.


Micromanaging and developing an obsessive and unhealthy relationship with food is entirely unsustainable in the long term.

It’s well known in the weight loss industry that 60-70% of people who go on diets gain that weight back, and 40% end up with more than when they started.

I suspect this is not your first rodeo. The fact is that most diets don’t work everyone - because each person has a different reason why they hold on to these stubborn pounds. Perhaps that’s you.

On the other hand: That extra weight you might carry is a sign that your body is inflamed, but once you eat a whole food plant-based diet, the weight will melt away automatically. 


12 Reasons you should learn more about a healthy diet:

Toxicity (including heavy metals)
Gut issues
Weight Gain
Food and sugar addiction
Poor sleep
Low Energy
Brain Fog
Struggling with regular bowel movements
Confusion about nutrients
Poor eating habits

I’ve spent a long time researching and trying out all kinds of diets. From Paleo to the Bulletproof Diet, I have tried them all.

Until I became a vegan, I had no clue which diet is the best. Worst of all, not every vegan diet is healthy. That brought me to observe and research the leading doctors who practice holistic veganism. And let me tell you there are a lot of brilliant doctors out there. However, every one of them preaches their way of eating healthy, which might not be a bad thing, after all. However, not everyone likes to be restricted to specific guidelines.

So I took the best advice from the top doctors and combined them with my culinary knowledge and put it together in one easy to follow concept: “Eat like a vegan chef Experience.”
Best of all, there is now enough evidence that a whole food plant-based lifestyle is one of the healthiest diets of all.

I have been working on this concept for over two years, and I am happy to announce that this concept is available as an online membership with optional consulting calls and a membership community that brings like-minded individuals together.

Discover, adapt, cook & master a whole food plant-based lifestyle for ultimate health

This membership addresses the transition to a holistic plant-based lifestyle, the struggles of going vegan, including habits that lead us astray and how to overcome these challenges. The "Eat like a vegan chef Experience” also addresses nutrition, healthy eating habits, weight loss, and plenty of resources to include shopping lists, cheat sheets, recipes, menu planners, cooking videos, etc. and so much more. 

If you are interested to join just follow this link to get notified when we open the membership again. 

That said, If you are looking for a wonder diet or a quick way to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks, then this membership might not be for you.

So here is what the membership would entail:

The first 8 weeks will be quite intense as I will be coaching members in discovering, adapting, and mastering a whole food plant-based lifestyle, which will help members learn more about the following:


✅Understanding our eating culture, 

✅Stocking the Pantry with healthy foods,

✅Learning to log foods, the easy way :)

Trackable goals that show your progress

✅Weight Management

✅Implementing light exercises

✅Learning to meditate 

✅Buying foods that promote health

✅Learning to batch cook

✅Mastering a WFPB lifestyle


Every month you will learn different topic such as:

✅Holistic nutrition,

✅Plant-based baking, 

✅Basics of a whole food plant-based cooking

✅Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals,

✅Cooking techniques, 

and many more topics. 


However, throughout the year the goal remains to help members adopt a whole food plant-based lifestyle, improving their eating habits, lose unwanted pounds, and achieving ultimate health and wellness. 


To make it even better, every week I will hold Q&A as well as Lifestreams and or cooking lessons. We will have monthly live lessons with yoga, fitness instructors, nutritionists, and other vegan chefs to keep our members inspired. 

Best of all, I have a 30-day money-back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk. 
If you don’t like it, then I don’t want your money.

With that being said, I hope you'll join the "Experience". 

Sign up here to be notified once the Membership opens up again.

To your health!

Chef Frank


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