Caribbean Black Cake [Cupcakes]

baking cakes dessert holidays oil-free pastries recipes Dec 18, 2021

Caribbean Blake cake reminds me of my days in the Caribbean. I had such a wonderful experience while I was working as a chef. In fact, I experienced 7 Christmases there. 

Yes, that was seven Christmasses in the heat, and I loved it. Coming from a cold country was a little bit of change, but I quickly got used to it. I guess I didn't have to shovel snow.

The ingredients for the Caribbean black cake are literally prepared a year in advance. And in most cases, the cake is baked 3-4 weeks before Christmas. That's because the cake is marinated with port or dark rum after it has been baked and wrapped in foil to keep it moist. That procedure is repeated daily until Christmas. 

The dried fruit that is used in the cake is marinated in port and or dark rum for up to 12 months. Most recipes call for prunes, raisins, dried citrus fruit like oranges, and lemon as well as maraschino cherries. 

All of these fruits can be bought dried whether separately or in containers already mixed. If you want to go the extra mile you could dry these fruits yourself to reduce the sugar content. I leave that up to you. 

Even though I made cupcakes feel free to make a black cake in a round baking form. 

One warning, this cake does not comply with my SOAPOA free ingredients, however, once a year I think we can make an exception... Life is too serious as it is. That said we don't want to let our guard down!!




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