Happy Thanksgiving!

holidays whole food plant based Nov 25, 2021


Thanksgiving Day is about a lot of different things to different people. For some, it's the perfectly cooked vegetable loaf fetched from the oven (and you thought I was going to say turkey? Ha, Got you!)

For others, it's creating an epic Thanksgiving table setting with a seasonal centerpiece, the family silver, and your finest china and linens. 

But one thing we can likely all agree on is that the best time of the day is finally sitting down at the dinner table with the whole family, whether it's around a perfectly set table or folding card tables with paper plates.


One tradition many families share is going around the table and giving each person the opportunity to express something they are thankful for. Isn't that what it's all about?


I would like to take this opportunity and tell you how grateful I am that you have come into my life and I pray to God that I was able to make a difference in your life, too. 

Especially if you are a member, I couldn’t have done it without you and for that, I am incredibly thankful!

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Chef Frank


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