Vegan Shepherds Pie

holiday meals irish whole food plant based Mar 16, 2022

As St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, people looking to eat like they are Irish, including me, (I am a potato boy 😊). And you are probably thinking what can I cook for St. Patrick's Day that is delicious and plant-based.

Well, some of the most famous meals are corned beef and cabbage. Since we don't eat animal products we have to come up with a different alternative. Which is by the way much more sustainable and healthier. The Shepherd's pie featured below is a nice plant-based alternative to the meat recipe.

Patrick's Day was originally celebrated in Ireland with religious services and feasts in honor of St. Patrick, one of Ireland's patron saints. 

The base of this Shepherd's Pie recipe consists of lentils and mushrooms as the meaty part. Feel free to change it with other vegetables such as chickpeas or eggplant.  




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