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When it comes to breakfast options, these vegan zucchini pancakes are a refreshing alternative to oatmeals or avocado toasts.

They are easy to cook and very satisfying. Zucchini pancakes also work great as a snack or small lunch option. As usual, this recipe is made with whole food plant-based ingredients and is oil-free.

However, if you want to lose weight I recommend not using the "sour cream" and rather use a vegetable stew instead.  Since the "sour-cream " is made with cashews, which have a lot of fat. By the way, talking about a tomato basil sour cream, this dish fits perfectly as a condiment to the spelt pizza I cooked the other day.

If the oil-free option freaks you out, I don't blame you. It takes some practice to cook without oil. That said, if you have the right tools, it becomes much easier. 

I prepared these vegan zucchini pancakes in my weekly Live Stream which you can watch on Facebook  as well as on YouTube


The power of seasonal vegetables
Summer is the time when zucchinis are in season. As you know I try to work with seasonal vegetables as this is the most sustainable way to live. Yes, zucchinis are all year available, rest assured that they traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles on a truck to get to your supermarket.

Unless you live in California or Mexico where they may grow all year round. By looking out what vegetables are in season you are not only supporting the Farm to Table concept, but you also supporting sustainability which we desperately need in this world.

Before you start your zucchini pancakes you should know that zucchinis are a very moist vegetable. That's why I used oat flour to bind the moisture in the batter.

However, to remove more moisture I mixed the salt with the zucchinis which in turn separates the juice from the zucchinis.  I discarded the juice since it included the salt. 

You can make your own oat flour by using traditional oats and process them in a food processor. For gluten-free oats look for organic oats labeled gluten-free.

Benefits of eating zucchinis

According to Healthline, zucchinis are packed with health benefits. 

Zucchinis are loaded with antioxidants that may benefit your bone, thyroid, and your vision. Turns out they are good for men as they benefit prostate health. According to research zucchinis may also have anti-cancer properties.

Zucchinis are rich in fibers, which fill you up quickly. Because of the fiber and their low-calorie density, they are ideal in reducing hunger, which may help with weight loss, too.

Vegetables high in fiber like squashes may also help with improving insulin sensitivity and balancing blood sugar levels, which could potentially reduce the chance of getting type 2 diabetes.

According to the USDA Food Composition Databases, one cup of zucchinis has the following nutrients:

A note to oil-free cooking: if you have difficulties frying these pancakes in a pan without oil you have some options: use a little vegetable broth and wait until it is almost evaporated. That's when the caramelizing process begins. Just be sure to turn the pancakes as soon as they get some color. I use a Scanpan, which is made in Scandinavia. It is made with any harmful chemicals and you can use metal utensils since the pan is made from one material.


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 Vegan Zucchini Pancakes with Tomato Basil Sour-Cream

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