Yeast Free Spinach Spelt Pizza

pizza Aug 09, 2020

This Yeast-free spinach Spelt Pizza recipe is an alternative to your yeast pizza. Use that when you need a quick dinner option. It is made from whole food plant-based ingredients, it needs no prooving and goes right into the oven. 

A whole food plant-based lifestyle doesn't have to be boring as you can see from this recipe. There are plenty of ways you can spruce up a healthy vegan lifestyle. 

You are right when you say this spelt pizza pie doesn't have that yeasty smell and aroma. That is easily corrected by adding nutritional yeast.  That said, this pizza has been topped with a nut and oil-free pesto, which includes nutritional yeast.

I baked this pizza during my weekly Live Stream, which you can watch by the way on Facebook or YouTube. I usually give all my meals cooked during the live stream to my son, who works currently from home.

He actually said that he would order this pizza in a  restaurant, that's how much he liked it. I was...

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