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Wouldn't you like to be able to eat to your heart's content, lose weight and feel better than ever before?

Does hopping from one diet to another sound familiar? The truth is, it's not your fault!

In other words, you CAN adopt a lifestyle without dieting, cravings, calorie counting, or starving yourself. 

Well, now you KNOW and I would like to show you how.

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You Are Meant to be Happy and Healthy!

Are you happy with your life? Satisfied with your health? Is your weight where you'd like it to be? Do you feel good with your current body?

If you answered "yes!" to these questions, then you're doing awesome! But if you have been putting off hope ... then coaching with me may be right for you.

You don’t deserve to struggle. You are worthy of being healthy and happy!

If you’re going for health and happiness, you can’t keep doing what you’re doing.

You have to DECIDE to do something else; to ACT now.


Feeling better than ever before.

Enjoy life the way you use to! 

No more dieting or calorie counting! 

You Don’t Need Culinary Training
To Go Plant-Based

If you think this is just another “Diet Fad” like the latest dieting trends, think again…

I know that all diets work in the beginning. That's a fact.

Unfortunately, most diets shock the body first, which accelerates weight loss. However, within weeks after starting, the weight loss plateaus and people get discouraged to continue.

The Eat Like A Vegan Chef Experience is different. But don't take my word for it. Just check out the reviews from people I have coached. 

  • Imagine a life without dieting?
  • A life full of energy, without brain fog or being tired all the time.
  • No bloating, craving, starving, or acid reflux.
  • Knowing how to cook delicious whole food plant-based meals.

I can help you achieve this.

Just book your free mini-coaching session, with no obligations.  


Chef Frank Kraemer

Founder of Eat Like A Vegan Chef

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Eat Like A Vegan Chef...

All of this and MORE is so achievable. 

It begins with YOUR decision to take the first step.  

Are you READY for the New YOU? 
Here’s how we can work together:

6 Private Coaching Sessions

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 6 Private Coaching Session
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 4 Seasons Weekly Meal Plans, Shopping Lists & All Recipes
 Weekly Interactive Group Cooking Lessons.  

Starter Coaching Package

12 Private
Coaching Sessions
VIP Package

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Discount expires 4/27/21

Current Members get 40% Off

Payment options are available


✔ 1 initial set up session 
 12 Private Coaching Session 
 3 Fitness Classes Recorded
 Private Facebook group
 Lifetime Membership Access
4 Seasons Weekly Meal Plans, Shopping Lists & All Recipes

 Weekly Interactive Group Cooking Lessons. All year.


VIP Coaching Package

Six Week Group Coaching Package

$897 $497

Discount expires 4/27/21

Current Members get 40% Off
Payment options are available


 6 Group Coaching Session 
 1 Fitness Class Recorded
 Private Facebook group
 Access to 4 Seasons Weekly Meal Plans, Shopping Lists & Recipes
 Includes 3 now 6 Month Membership with access to all Content & Video Library

 Weekly Interactive Group Cooking Lessons. 

Group Coaching
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I Will Give You All The Tools You Need, To Be Successful In Your Journey.

But you have to take
the first step!


Chef Frank


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are currently enough studies published that prove that a whole foods plant-based lifestyle is the healthiest approach to live healthily and may even reverse chronic diseases. A positive side effect is weight loss. In fact, Eat Like Vegan Chef programs are evidence-based. Every three months we conduct a survey of all our members.

Yes, it will and I understand your concern. I have cooked for professional athletes. Recently, I was hired to cook for two-time middleweight world champion Daniel Jacobs and his vegan trainer Fareed Abul-Samad during the former’s middleweight world championship-bout against Canelo Álvarez. For three months, I prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner while keeping in mind the grueling workouts of Daniel. I prepared food that was substantial in protein, carbs, fat, and calories, proving that a plant-based diet is good enough for a professional boxer.

Book a mini-coaching session with me and I will give you an overview of what you can expect. 

Book your Free Mini Coaching here.

Yes, coaching works. Even the most successful people are being coached.

I'll be happy to give you references from people I have coached.

Just write me an email:
[email protected] 

My coaching is based on my 5 step program.

1 Step Mindset

2 Step Detox

3 Step Discovery

4 Step Transformation

5 Step Mastery

I will coach you to adopt a holistic mindset.

Then I will coach you systematically to adopt a holistic lifestyle including the transition to a whole food plant-based and oil-free lifestyle that will help you lose weight and transform your life.

That also includes cooking demos, batch cooking, and basic cooking knowledge.

Most people I coach are almost proficient in the kitchen after my VIP package regardless of their cooking abilities.



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