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Lose weight for good and never diet again!

  • Gain the keys to quickly control your appetite and eating routine and get out of the vicious cycle of dieting.
  • Discover why a whole food plant-based diet can be an extremely powerful choice to make
  • Learn the basics of what, when, and how to cook 
  • Be part of a meaningful community that helps people to achieve ultimate weight loss and health.

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✔ 4 Seasons Weight Loss Program (a 647 Value)

The SOAPA Transition Planner. (a $197 Value)
✔ Weekly Live Streams with Chef Frank
✔ 12 Month Mastering a WFPB Lifestyle (a $997 Value)
✔ All Recipes
✔ Weekly Meal Planner
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What People Are Saying:

“I never thought that ‘accidentally’ stumbling onto Chef Frank’s page would be so life changing for me. I have really felt in a rut since wrongfully losing my job just before the craziness of COVID, and needed a boost desperately. This was exactly what I needed... And the caring, compassion and dedication of Chef Frank is mind blowing. There have been many unsuccessful programs in my past, the missing ingredient was Chef!!! PLUS... - SOAPA... amazing! I have not eaten meat in years but have been eating a lot of soy proteins, and processed “fake” meats. This break from all that has made me feel cleansed in a way. - Eggs... We go through at least 6 dozen eggs a week in this house (always organic, vegetarian fed, free range... but eggs!) I will say I do miss them, but can definitely live without them! - Cooking... I have always loved to cook, but needed a recipe to follow. My husband can open the cabinets and pantry, and make a wonderful meal. That is not me. I noticed these last two weeks, I have made versions of the recipes on my own and they have worked. In such a short time, I am more confident in spicing things properly and don’t need the recipes in front of me. - Coffee... Now I can drink some if I want to, but I don’t NEED to! Huge accomplishment! Thank you Chef Frank and all of you in this group for actually changing my life. - Weight... I am now at 232.3, down 9.8 pounds and could not be happier. I needed a quick start, and to see the numbers go down, to get me on track. #veganforlife #fitbyfifty”


“I'm having an incredible experience learning from Chef Frank about healthy eating and delicious food! I am forever grateful to him for all of the tools and skills he has taught! Thank you, Chef Frank, from the bottom of my heart!”

Brooke Bogart

“The meal plan and daily schedules are simple to follow. The possibilities are unlimited appealing. I am never hungry because the recipes are simple yet satiating and satisfying. I love beautifully plated dishes. I highly recommend.”

Valerie Weaver

“Wow, this has been an amazing journey. I don't know how I found Chef, but I am so glad I did. Here a few takeaways for me: 1) I've cooked and eaten things I had never heard of 2) I've gained a few new friends and lost a few pounds 3) I realized I have quite a few chopping tools 4) I have an awesome, amazing, caring, patient, know what he's doing Chef that is with me for life 5) I now know how to eat like a vegan chef 6) I know what to cut out of my diet to keep me healthy. I could go on and on about what I've learned in the last 2 weeks. Although this is the end of our 14-day challenge, it's not the end of having Chef and you guys encourage and motivate each other. This is an amazing group and I'm so blessed to be a part of it.”

Devonda Gordon Nelson

“Six months ago, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My doctor told me if I continue my lifestyle, I could have a heart attack. (I am a chef and I love good food). I was devastated. Then I heard about Chef Frank and his “Eat Like a Vegan Chef” course. I can truly say his plant-based lifestyle approach has saved my life. I have lost over 40lbs and feel better than ever before. Even my kids have adapted my lifestyle. Thank you, Chef Frank!!”

Victor Jurado

“OMG, pictures say so much....This Challenge has been truly One-of-a-Kind! 1st, it’s the only Weight-Loss or Healthy way of eating Challenge I’ve ever Completed!!!! As I look back at the other programs, what was missing was a Honest, Open and Caring Instructor. Someone that Truly wants you to succeed and has Real Bonafide Cooking Credentials and who is willing to share. The person I’m describing is Chef Frank T Kraemer. His patients in explaining and teaching us “How to Eat Like a Vegan Chef” is Gold! With his program I Personally learned, When to eat from a schedule he provides. What Not to eat for weight-loss success. The basic ingredients for Delicious Vegan dishes and How to handle an important Kitchen tool. Keep in mind, this is only a fraction of what I’ve learned for his program. The Main ingredient of his Program is Motivation!! There is a special Group created for everyone to Cheer and Applaud each other’s successes and make sure we All get to the finish line of the Challenge! Eating Like a Vegan Chef is no longer a mystery as I’m looking forward to continuing this Healthy Journey with a Professional Chef leading the way... ”


“If you want to improve your health of want to loose weight you need to try Frank's "Eat Like A Vegan Chef" Plan. It's simple to follow and gives you everything you need to know.”

Yvonne Yve

“Eat Like A Vegan Chef is amazing! Chef Frank makes it so easy to achieve a healthier lifestyle by following a plant-based diet. Check it out!”

Raina Kamdar