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Rambling Books says:

Well the challenge is coming to a close. My thoughts are these:
  • I learned so much from a wonderful, caring Chef and what's even better is he will be with me for life. (After a few days I could see the tremendous value in the life program)
  • I was not as healthy 14 days ago as I am now and I get excited thinking of how much better I will be by Christmas!
  • The support from this group is amazing and much appreciated.
  • I have learned over the last couple of months that once you drop the sugar and meats your taste buds do change. My ability to taste has even become sharper. I now notice the natural "sweet" or "spicy" components in a recipe. I am learning to mix things into my recipes like sweet potatoes in the chili! Believe me that would NEVER have happened before but now it is great.
  • I would encorage anyone who wants to be vegan to reconsider and buy the lifetime progarm at any cost. Things can only go up from here and with the additions the Chef is adding to the website it will continue to expand and get better.
  • 7.5 pounds down as of Thursday!! I wasn't even trying to lose weight, just wanted to become a better vegan!
Thank you 
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